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Promising Innovations in Emerging Image Sensors

The new IDTechEx report, “Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2023-2033: Applications and Markets“, explores a diverse range of image sensing technologies capable of resolutions and wavelength detection far beyond what is currently attainable. Many of these emerging technologies are expected to make waves within numerous sectors,...

DALL·E 2 Pre-Training Mitigations

In order to share the magic of DALL·E 2 with a broad audience, we needed to reduce the risks associated with powerful image generation models. To this end, we put various guardrails in place to prevent generated images from violating our content policy. This post...

Explaining Explainable AI for Conversations

  Within the space of just two or three decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has left the pages of science fiction novels and become one of the cornerstone technologies of modern-day society. Success in machine learning (ML) has led to a torrent of new AI applications...

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